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Jago of Shejidan

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OOC [Jul. 22nd, 2010|01:47 pm]
Jago of Shejidan

OOC:  Gratuitous entry to avoid being purged.
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Tea, assassination do's and don'ts, and overly aggressive salmon [Dec. 4th, 2004|10:18 pm]
Jago of Shejidan
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[Current Music |Tea kettle boiling]

From a highly enjoyable ongoing RP wherein Jago goes from her time (and planet) to the Yukon (as in the Yukon c. 1899) and has dinner with the dashing Mountie known as sgt_preston. Tea, huskies, and the protocol of assassination are the order of the day. Not to mention that she's made her journal a pretty shade of blue in honor of his eyes.


Jago does follow the trajectory of his eyes - it's hard not to, as his eyes are thoughtful, quick with intelligence, and that charismatic blue, which reminds her of a certain lovely cerulean tapestry in the anteroom of Lord Tabini and Lady Damiri's inner apartments - and regards the silver-haired King enegetically writhing in snow, quickly righting himself, now dusted in places with bits of white. Atevi reserve is deliberately lost, and she laughs, an easily recognizable sound between the two species, her voice rolling to a deeper smoky alto when she does so, yet still recognizably feminine. It's not a human laugh, but there's no mistaking it for anything but enjoyment.

"King-ji attempts a diversion," she asks, "so that unexpected visitors will be tempted beyond duty to sample the snow with him? One is tempted, nadi. Sorely tempted."

She reaches over and depresses one of the symbols on the screen console, and the island enlarges, growing to fill the screen. She turns it so that he can see it, moving it a little closer to him on the table.

"Nadi, as one noted, the humans on my world live here, on Mospheira. It is not far from the western shore of Ragi lands, on the continent. I am Ragi, nadi," she notes, "and that is the language that I speak at home. Many in my Association are, but not all."

She hesitates, sipping tea, atevi tradition when one must deliver information with finesse and delicacy. "Nadi, when humans first arrived on my world, there was confusion, and misunderstandings. Humans did not declare their man'chi, and there was an unfortunate brief conflict. One notes, nadi, that at the time humans were thought to have fallen from the moon, and that we did not understand human speech."

Another polite sip of tea; one must be careful when iterating a history of war, resolved though it may be; she's prepared to go into more detail, but thinks that a summation is first called for. "It was decided after this misunderstanding," - she's not rude enough to point out that the atevi prevailed, at least in military terms - "that to prevent future awkwardness, that a paidhi be appointed. This person, nadi, is always a human, and resides in Shejidan. The paidhi is the voice of humans to atevi, and in turn is the voice of atevi to humans. For many years, the paidhi was the only human to live outside Mospheira, nadi. Now that has changed - more atevi and humans meet, on ships - but the paidhi is still the paidhi. Our paidhi is Bren Cameron, nadi, and one thinks that you would find him felicitous. The paidhi brings human knowledge to atevi, and he brings atevi knowledge to humans."

He's also one of only two humans on her world to be entirely fluent in any atevi language. Language is a very delicate thing.
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A celebration is in order..... [Nov. 23rd, 2004|03:01 pm]
Jago of Shejidan
[Current Mood |working]

One would like to take this opportunity to wish a very happy begatting day, or birthday, to our Altruistic Advisor Prince Legolas.

May the celebration of this day bring you happiness, and may baji naji always be in your favor.
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Welcome.... [Nov. 1st, 2004|12:08 pm]
Jago of Shejidan
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Welcome to my journal.

I am Jago, an ateva of the atevi homeworld, member of the Assassin's Guild of the Western Assocation.

In my charge is Bren Cameron, the paidhi, sole link between the human and atevi worlds.
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